About the Artist

Fnaire: Hi! I'm Fnaire Antbear. At least that's me net-name. In real life, I'm known as Brittany Greatbear.

Oren: And I'm Oren Otter. And my real name is (mumblemumble)

Fnaire: I'm the creator of Room For One More

Oren: And I'm the current penciler.

Fnaire: Oren also came up with the main characters in Room For One More.

Oren: Right. They were originally supposed to be for an Os-Var-Khai story.

Fnaire: What else shall we say about ourselves?

Oren: I'm 34 as of 2005.

Fnaire: I'm... between 20 and 30.

Oren: I live in Julesburg. Fnaire lives in Ft. Collins.

Fnaire: Or Ft. Crawlins as we call it in the comic. Locals are bound to recognize Mt. Horsetooth behind Frye's house.

Oren: I'm a professional cartoonist, and I do odd jobs including custodian, language teacher, missionary and kind of a minister.

Fnaire: I'm a student who's studying to become a computer programmer.

Oren: Hobbies... well... I like to draw... and draw... and draw. I also enjoy cooking.

Fnaire: I like cartooning, sewing and dancing. I don't play football in real life. Used to, but I was never that good. A broken collarbone was proof to me that I'm not really cut out for sports.

Oren: Things that I like... I like Homestarrunner.com, my pets and water. I mean like fountains and fish ponds and lakes and rivers, y'know?

Fnaire: Why am I not surprised? Me, I like pizza, indian jewlery (especially Lakota) The glass Armonica, pretty clothes and classical music.

Oren: I like classical music, too, but my parakeet likes punk. He's weird.

Fnaire: I love Jesus...

Oren: Me too! (points to monk's robe)

Fnaire: ...America, my family, anteaters, and chocolate cake.

Oren: Yeah, what she said. And otters. I love otters.

Fnaire: What I can't stand is watching football...

Oren: I thought you liked football.

Fnaire: I like playing it, not watching it. Watching someone else play is boring. I also hate jerks, mayonaise, and being compared to that "Spears" gal.

Oren: Mayo? Yuch. Me too. Can't say I'd enjoy being compared to Britney Spears, but I've never had that happen.

Fnaire: ICQ# 128377839

Oren: ICQ# 12015849

Fnaire: Bye!

Oren: Psst... Fnaire made me take down her photo because she thinks she's not pretty, but the URL is...

Oren: Bye bye.

Brittany by Felice Folmer

Fnaire Antbear, Photo