Room For One More explained

The comic

Q: Where did you come up with the title "Room for One More"?
A: I was wracking my brain for days trying to come up with a decent title. Then, suddenly, my brain wandered back to the pre-launch of the sci-fi channel, and the phrase "room for one more!" which was spoken as a door opened onto what appeared to be some sort of hyperspace tunnel. The line seemed perfect.

Q: You called Fnaire an African giant anteater. Aren't anteaters South American?
A: Indeed! Fnaire's ancestors come from South America, but her parents were missionaries, and she herself was born and raised in South Africa. Not an easy thing, being an anteater in South Africa. They don't even have restrooms for anteaters.
I chose to give Fnaire this background because I myself am an American Indian by genetics and an African American by herritage.

Q: Where did Frye get that huge house?
A: Frye got the house the honest, old-fashioned American way. She inherrited it from a rich relative.

Q: Just how much house is there?
A: Take a look at The floor plan and The back yard

Q: Are all animals in this world people?
A: Only mammals, birds and reptiles. Amphibians are kinda borderline.

Q: Where exactly IS Critter County?
A: In our world, it would be the greater Ft. Collins Area, in North Central Colorado.

Q: I've seen characters from other comics in Room For One More. Officially, what universe does this take place in?
A: Officially, Room For One More co-exists only with Orwell's, and MAYBE Edge of Reason. But it is an open universe, connected to The Changing Workplace, and through that, nearly everything else.

Q: How come the characters always walk around naked?
A: They don't. Fur is considered a socially acceptable covering, and it keeps one decent in most circumstances. Of course, there are those awkward moments.....

Q: What's the deal with the bat-winged horses?
A: They're night-mares, silly!

Q: Homonymia sounds a lot like Piers Anthony's Xanth. Does Piers know about this?
A: He knows. He's okay with it. He probably hasn't personally read any of the strips, (he said he was kinda busy for it) but he did share an interesting story about the phrase "Room For One More".

The artists

Q: How many languages do you speak?
A: My character, Fnaire, speaks English, Spanish, Afrikaans and Swahili. I speak English fluently, and with some difficulty, I can speak Swahili, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, Greek, Russian and Portuguese. If you're familiar with Otter Island, I also know some Islandish.

Q: Who actually draws this comic?
A: Originally, I, (Brittany) did. Because my medical condition cuts into my hobby time, I have difficulty keeping up with my art on top of my schoolwork, so I get a lot of help. While I plan out the stories myself, much of the writing is done by Oren Otter and Eala Dubh. Oren pencils them, Eala inks them, and Caliroo Brownlee posts them. The characters are actually based on artworks by Oren Otter, so he's had legal rights to everything from day one. If you want to borrow a character, talk to him.

Q: Medical condition? What medical condition?
A: ConditionS, actually. I have several genetic diseases including diabetes, fibromialgia, kidney trouble, heart trouble, bad circulation, breathing difficulties, neuralgia and warts on my feet. (eeew!) I am in and out of the hospital a lot. My family and my tribe take care of me, so I'm going to be okay. Oren, on the other hand, has many of the same conditions and no insurance. If you want to send money, send it to him.

Q: Are you and Oren related?
A: Yes. We are both Shoshone and we are distant relatives. That's why we look alike.

Q: Are you secretly Oren?
A: I should hope not. I mean, seeing as how Oren's a guy, it'd be pretty embarassing to be walking around looking like this. The rumor started that I was secretly Oren because our styles are so similar. Our styles are similar because I taught myself to draw furries by studying his work. So to clarify, I am me, Oren is Oren, and we're quite happy that way.

Fan stuff

Q: I want to do some anteater fashions. Will you post them?
A: Yes! I will be happy to post any fashion submissions you send me!

Q: How do I get a character in your comic?
A: Talk to Oren, and be sure to offer a bribe. Seriously, though, the name of the comic is Room For One More, so there's always room for one more.

Q: Where can I buy your books?
A: Nowhere yet, but we hope to be offering three books, soon- "Attack of the Killer Potroasts", "Seven Warlords and a Baby" and "All Wierded out". If all goes as planned, they'll be available from Plan 9 in 2006. Of course, that's up to Plan 9.

The web site

Q: How come only some of the strips are inked?
A: Originally, all of the comics were done completely by me. Near the end of book one, Eala Dubh took over the inks. Because we want to publish soon, we felt it necessary to ink all the strips in a similar manner. Thus, Eala has gone back to the beginning and is re-inking the book one strips.

More Q & A's to come!