Skycar: Generation Two

Generation Two of the Skycar line. As you can see, the engines have been redesigned and moved around. The frane has been reshaped as well, to be more aerodynamic. There are now four nacelles with two rotary engines with carbon-composite fan blades in each nacelle.

Interesting thing about this vehicle is that there are only two control surfaces on the vehicle, one under each of the two front nacelles. Steering is done with engine thrust control. The front nacelles can be rotated to take off and land in a hover. Wicked awesome!

Generation Two prototype, in profile

Close-up of the cockpit

A nacelle from the Gen2 prototype
There are two engines with carbon-composite
blades in each nacelle

A shot right down the Batmobile-like hood
The metal thing in the cockpit is used
to provide emergency restraint during testing.

A shot of the 'guts' of the prototype.
That black cylinder is a fuel tank

Airspeed and temperature probe!
Nothing phallic about it. Nope, nope.

The muscle under the hood.
There are two of these babies in each nacelle, so I understand.

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